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My online dating experiences: Part 2, my first date

My first “in person” date in my mind was going to be easy, since ive been chatting to this person for about a month online, only emails and live text chat, (oh i forgot to mention in my previous post that the first dating site i was on, did not have video chat, i only discovered a dating site last year that had video chat facilities, and have gotten so used to that luxury) but without video, it was still fine, we communicated well, and the attraction was there, so why stress about the first date, what could go wrong.

Despite having no worries, i still couldn’t help being nervous, what if she turns out not looking like her photos, as photos dont always give a true reflection, thats when the video chat function really comes in handy, but nothing was going to stop me in meeting her, so we set a date, and i was ready to meet my match.

I decided to take her to dinner, we met outside a Thai restaurant in a lovely arty part of the town. We met and hugged and she was as beautiful as i imagined, but did not look exactly like her photos, maybe they were from a year ago or something, but i wasn’t complaining. We sat and had some great conversations, it felt romantic, candle lit dinner, with red wine, which really got the conversation going, and the attraction was getting more and more as the night progressed. Im not sure if it was the red wine, or the sparkle in our eyes ;), but upon paying for the meal and deciding where to go after dinner, it was a mutual decision to have some more wine back at my apartment, once again, i wasnt complaining, i felt like i knew her for alot longer, and it all seemed natural.

We arrived at my apartment, and sat and drank another bottle of wine together, and somewhere between opening the wine and dimming the lights, we found ourselves kissing and cuddling on the couch.

She was everything that i could hope for, and we continued to communicate as usual in the next week and planned another date that weekend, and this went on for about a month, but something was missing, and we found ourselves communicating less and less online, and maybe it was just not meant to be, but we eventually stopped seeing each other and grew apart, maybe it was just my fear of relationships again, but everything happens for a reason.

During this first month, even though i was dating someone, i was naughty, and didnt stop using the online dating site, and was actually meeting more and more single woman online, now that i felt free again 🙂 i had my eyes on a few matches, one that was living at the coast, far away, so i didnt think it would last, but she really wanted to meet, so thats for another blog, and another local woman that i was going to meet very soon……to be continued in Part 3, my second date, or should i say, my steamy date lol.

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My online dating experiences: Part 1

I have been on various dating sites for the past 5 years now, and i thought this is the perfect opportunity to share some of my experiences through an online dating blog.

I can still remember the first time i became a “free” member on a dating site, it was very exciting, i started searching and reading hundreds of possible matches profiles, the site i was on had a lot of matches that i was interested in, and i started getting lots of emails, chat requests and winks from alot of beautiful ladies from all around the world, it was flattering 😉 and even return winks from the matches i was interested in.

I was so happy after receiving a nice email from a match i was trying to get the attention of, yipee there was mutual interest, i was faced with a problem though, i couldn’t reply, so the only logical thing to do was to become a paid member, and am i glad i did, i just got a 1 month membership to check it out, as i just really wanted to send the match a reply to see if something could happen from this.

It was so cool to be able to reply to her, and we started getting really friendly online, and since i now was a paid member, i started sending other online matches emails, a wink or two, or added them as a friend, and i started getting a few replies, which i knew i could now reply to, it was great. Every day i couldn’t wait to see who had viewed my profile and which new matches i could chat with or send a mail to.

I was in contact with at least 4 matches suddenly, and i found myself trying to start something off with too many at once, and this resulted in giving some more attention then others, but i was having too much fun, meeting new beautiful ladies online that met my “about my match” standards, getting to know them, and all without the hassle of actually going out and spending money etc.

Since i was not really looking for a relationship, and just wanted to see what i can get 🙂 “at first” it made it pretty easy for me to communicate every day to some one that was either in the same country or same province or even in another country, without having to commit, it was a breeze….but then i started to really like someone that was nearby, and started to get to know them too well, you end up talking about things you normally wouldn’t talk to someone you’ve just met, but theres alot you can say in an email, or live video chat, i just couldn’t help myself and had to meet this possible match in person to see if she really was what i imagined online and saw on her pictures, it was time to ask her out on a date, at least its not a blind date right 🙂 it was going to be my first “in person” date. (coming in “my online dating experiences: Part 2, my first date)

In the next few weeks, i want to share some great stories with all about my dates that resulted from online dating websites, some “love” stories, some crazy ones that led me to travel half way around the world lol, all to be revealed in my future posts, part 2 coming soon.

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Online dating is lots of fun

Meeting your perfect match online is easy and fun, once you have their attention, there are many fun ways to interact with them before that crucial first date. Interacting with your matches online is important to make sure that they are a perfect match and to see if you get along. Online features such as video profiles, text and video chatting are just a few fun ways to get to know your match. Wink at them first to see if there is a mutual attraction or send a message and ask, have fun with online dating, its safe and secure and gives you the ability to search amoungst millions of singles world wide and in your area, that are looking for the same thing, a date, a long term relationship or even marriage.

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Why use an online dating site?

Online dating sites are great for meeting new friends, casual dates or long term relationships, you can search for your match according to your specific needs, searches can be defined by the characteristics you are looking for in a match, ie: age, build, height, location, relationship status etc, and once you have found a list of your matches according to your wants, you can read their profiles to find out if their personality, their wants and needs are what you are looking for to further make sure they are a possible match for you.

Once you have found your potential matches online, you can wink at them or send them a friend request or leave a message for them in private or leave a public comment, either way you choose will let the potential matches know you are interested in them, if there is a mutual interest, they will either wink back at you, or reply to your message.

Once you have contact, there are many ways to get to know each other online using video and text chatting, which is a great way to communicate and get to know one another and has proved to be a safe way to communicate to make sure that your match is compatible before a date is arranged.

These online features are a safe and secure way to meet someone and get to know them in the comfort of your homes, eliminating those awkard first dates and time wasting blind dates that so many of us have gone through to meet someone new.

There are thousands of success stories world wide, hundreds of new members join sites like click4adate daily. If you are looking for a perfect partner, why not join the fun and success.

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